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Tekken 5 Game Full Version for PC Free Download 100% Working Game Tested By Me On Win Xp and Win Se7en 32/64bit (MediaFire Links)

Written By Unknown on Thursday, October 3, 2013 | 5:49 PM

Tekken 5 is the sixth principal installment in the popular Tekken sequence. It also marks the tenth anniversary of the sequence. It was updated for the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation three as Tekken five: Dark Resurrection and succeeded by Tekken 6.

Whats New in Tekken 5

Tekken five is credited for having the series back again to its roots. It incorporates a faster, more fluid fighting method, enhanced graphics, returning characters, and some of the Tekken series' trademark infinite levels. New to Tekken five is the crush technique which influences the vulnerability of a character whilst they assault. For illustration, a shift with leaping qualities, this kind of as a hopkick, will be totally invulnerable in the course of most of its animation time to all of an opponent's lower attacks.
It also retains its wall juggling idea from Tekken four, but the aspect is effectively much less easy to abuse and less complicated to protect in opposition to. The residence edition is a collector's version of types, as it contains the arcade versions of Tekken, Tekken two, Tekken three and StarBlade (as a concealed game). Tekken five also allowed players to personalize their fighter for the very first time, making it possible for them to adjust the colors of their outfits, buy extra costumes (only accessible to a couple of characters), and equip them with products by utilizing money obtained from playing the Story, Survival, Time Assault, the side-tale Satan Within, and Arcade Struggle modes.
Tekken five includes a combating minigame in direct lineage to the Tekken Force modes in Tekken three and Tekken four named Satan In. This minigame follows the adventures of Jin Kazama as he searches the G Corporation in look for for info on his lacking mom and other responses. Being considerably story oriented, the player is not permitted to use their very own selection of characters like prior iterations. The sport also uses a limited button technique, incorporating a Block and Jump button as effectively as sizing down the attack buttons to basic "Punch" and "Kick" buttons (although, some of Jin's preventing special moves can still be done these kinds of as his Demon's Paw). Along with battling various Jack models in the mini-recreation, the player should go after slight important quests to proceed. This manner is one particular of the two techniques to unlock the playable edition of Jin's Devil incarnation, Devil Jin.

System Requirements

Core2Duo Clocked @ three.twenty GHz

GPU: 8800GT

Difficult drive Place=5. GB

Graphic Card=512 MB


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Tekken 5 Game Full Version for PC Free Download 100% Working Game Tested By Me On Win Xp and Win Se7en 32/64bit (MediaFire Links)
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